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Confidentially-marked chat messages or pictures

In addition to sending normal chat messages, you can send confidentially-marked chat messages or pictures and delete them when you need to.

Supports chat e-mail

Forwarding/Replying email messages sent to your AmakaConnect App email address as Chat messages. Also sends chat messages as email messages to anyone.

Voice Commands

Easily use voice commands to dictate your chat message and automatically send chat messages, delete chat words or clear chat messages.

Easily identify, select, and initiate conversation/chat

easily identify, select, and initiate conversation/chat with other available AmakaConnect users in your current location.

AmakaConnect iVerify Mobile Identification Tag

Provides iVerify Mobile Identification Tag which is an internationally-patent protected, reliable mobile identification system that enables you to easily verify the identity of any AmakaConnect user.

Announce, search, and find events and occasions

Allows you to announce, search, and find events and occasions. ChiAmaka enables you to schedule/announce your events to selected contacts from your ChiAmaka or phone or all ChiAmaka users.

Search for nearby businesses or places

Allows you to easily search for nearby businesses or places. With ChiAmaka, you can search for nearby specific type of business within a given distance from your current or designated location.

Edit sent chat messages, reply to any message

Easily edit sent chat messages, reply to any message and maintain history of all changes and replies; or withdraw a recent message that was sent to the wrong person, that is, if you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person, you can withdraw the message within one minute of sending the message.

Easily protect your ChiAmaka App

Easily protect your AmakaConnect App. If you lost the phone that contains your AmakaConnect App and you want to lock it up so that no one can use it.

Easily manage your Contacts' messages

Hiding (archiving), unhiding (restoring), searching, deleting, copying, and forwarding, and sharing messages.

Provides robust Contact management

Individual or group (private or general) Contacts; one-way or two-way group chatting; blocking, deleting, adding, or removing Contacts.

Provides flexible Chat screen background image management

easily use your favorite image or select from AmakaConnect options to setup any Contact's background image.

Easily personalize your profile with photo image or video clip.

Easily review or recheck your chat messages before sending:

Provides option for you to easily recheck and edit your chat messages before sending.

Easily manage your AmakaConnect account:

change password, retrieve password, delete account, etc.

Protect your AmakaConnect App


AmakaConnect App (Amaka).


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